Barker Meier
Why engage a buyers agent


Why use a ?

Below is a list of 10 good reasons why you should use Barker Meier

  1. Our initial No Obligation and Free consultation is to determine the needs and wants of our clients, such as property location, type, style and affordability. 
  2. We have a greater understanding of the property market as we are constantly researching current market trends and pricing. 
  3. We have access to private listings and expired listings with various real estate agents.
  4. Our buyer match system allows us to shortlist desired properties on the market in a timely fashion reducing your stress levels when ready to purchase. 
  5. We will thoroughly analyze and inspect numerous properties on your behalf and then from your level of interest create a top 3 short list of properties for your consideration.
  6. Once the choice has been made we can then start the journey from negotiations,preparing documents, to the purchase and settlement.
  7. Our affiliates such as solicitors, finance providers, building and pest inspectors and many other service providers, results in our client's receiving first class reliable service.   
  8. We attend all inspections such as bank valuation, building, pest and pool inspection with a same day feedback report.  
  9. As all buyer demands and their level of service requirements differ so dramatically, so do our standard guide of charges & fees be tailored to suit our buyers needs.
  10. We provide to all clients a fully professional, discrete and exclusive service, saving you stress, time & money.